Why you need Video

Video is the biggest growth area of web and social media marketing. YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web. Every day, millions of people search for video to find products and services. Research shows that if your site has a video, it is 30% more likely to be clicked on and could generate up to 400% more sales.

Video also means that visitors will spend longer on your website. Your video can explain, demonstrate, persuade, entertain and impress potential customers. It will help your site get found on Google, Bing and Yahoo. In short, online video content generates hits and boosts sales. Can you afford not to invest in a good video for your business or product?

Our Clients

Michael Jaques Eagle Video Production

The Video Production Process

The video production process consists of three stages – pre-production, production and post production. Eagle Video Productions shoot exclusively in HD. During pre-production, we will work with you to create the blueprint for your film. If there are any scripted segments, we will write them and develop the words with you to ensure we have captured your company message. We will then organise and supervise the production, shooting on high-res professional HD cameras. We ensure that any health and safety protocols are adhered to. After production, we move into post production, where we edit the video footage.

Then, once we have a rough cut, we will screen it for you. We listen and take notes, then move onto the last, and most exciting, stage of the production process: the final cut. Here, we lock the edit and then add any special effects, titles and music. The end result is delivered on DVD or Bluray, or uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo for you to add to your site.